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Diatomaceous Earth


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Diatomaceous Earth has been known to improve digestive health and give animals shinier, healthier coats, which makes it an excellent feed additive for your horses.

Ranchers, farmers, and pet owners alike have many stories of the benefits of adding this silica-rich supplement to animal feed.

Another benefit to adding DE to your horse feed is that it acts as a natural preservative.

Its porous nature allows it to absorb moisture that would otherwise cause feed to mold or rot, helping the feed last longer.

100% Natural & Organic, Food Grade, Fresh Water Diatomaceous Earth is suitable for human consumption.

Contains more than 94% Amorphous Silica.

  • Promotes better health, less stress and more vitality
  • Stimulates basic metabolism
  • Better feed conversion, improving weight gain, health and productivity
  • Promotes healthier coats, hair, skin, hooves, nails and feathers
  • Cost effective health supplement, helping to reduce vet bills.
  • A presence of DE in their stools will also discourage flies and insects around your property.


Note: As this is a natural product, colour may vary.

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