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Horse Grooming & Horse Care 

Highfields Equestrian is proud to introduce our premium range of horse grooming products - everything you need for everyday grooming, horse care and show prep. We offer a diverse selection of horse grooming essentials, all available at your fingertips and ready to be delivered to your door anywhere in New Zealand.

From bath-time to show-time, we have all your horse grooming requirements covered:

  • General horse grooming: We stock literally everything you need to groom your horse and pony - body brushes, curry combs, mane and tail combs and brushes, hoof picks, sweat scrapers, grooming gloves and mitts, thinning shears, clippers and more.

  • Horse and pony grooming kits: Our economical pony grooming kits and horse grooming kits are the perfect all-in-one set for your everyday grooming requirements.

  • Horse clipping:  We stock clippers, trimmers and clipper oil to keep your horse looking tidy and your clippers in top shape.

  • Bathing your horse: We've done all the research so you have all the best products for bathing your horse all in one place! Speciality equine shampoo and conditioner, body wash sponges and scrubbing tools and even handy hose attachments for a quick and easy wash.

  • Hoof care: Maintain the health and wellbeing of your horse's hooves with our curated product range, including hoof picks, hoof brushes, hoof oil, hoof dressing, hoof hardener, hoof sealant, hoof boots, boot pads and inserts, hoof rasps and files, hrush treatment and more. 

  • Show prep: Find all your show prep essentials for your horse right here - show grooming kits,  shampoo and conditioner, detangler, shine spray, silky serum, trimmers, braiding supplies, hoof gloss and more.

What do you need for grooming a horse?

Grooming is an essential part of horse care, and having the right horse grooming products is crucial to maintaining your horse's health, cleanliness, and overall wellbeing. Here is a list of general grooming products for horses:

  1. Body Brush: A body brush has soft bristles and is used to remove dirt, dust and loose hair from the horse's coat. It also helps distribute natural oils for a shiny, healthy coat.

  2. Curry Comb: Curry combs have rubber or plastic bristles and are used in a circular motion to loosen dirt, hair and debris from your horse's coat.

  3. Dandy Brush: Dandy brushes have stiffer bristles and are used to remove heavier dirt and debris from the coat after using the curry comb.

  4. Face Brush: A smaller, softer brush designed for the sensitive areas of the horse's face, including the eyes, muzzle and ears.

  5. Hoof Pick: Used to clean out dirt, stones, and debris from the horse's hooves. Regular hoof cleaning is essential for hoof health.

  6. Mane and Tail Comb or Brush: These tools help detangle and maintain the horse's mane and tail.

  7. Shedding Blade: Shedding blades help remove loose hair and promote shedding during seasonal coat changes.

  8. Sweat Scraper: After bathing your horse, use a sweat scraper to remove excess water from the coat, aiding in drying and preventing chills.

  9. Coat Conditioner: Coat conditioners or detanglers help keep the horse's coat soft and manageable, reducing matting and knots.

  10. Clippers and Trimmers: Clippers are used for trimming the horse's hair, including bridle paths, whiskers and fetlocks.

  11. Shampoo and Conditioner: Equine-specific shampoos and conditioners are available for bathing your horse and maintaining a healthy coat.

  12. Grooming Tote or Box: A container to store and carry your grooming tools conveniently.

  13. Skin and Coat Supplements: Horse supplements such as omega-3 fatty acids can promote a healthy coat from the inside out.

  14. Grooming Gloves: Grooming gloves and grooming mitts have rubber nodules on the palm and fingers for massaging and removing loose hair.

  15. Grooming Block: A grooming block, also known as a grooming stone or grooming pumice, is typically made from natural or synthetic abrasive materials and is designed to help remove dirt, loose hair and other debris from the horse's coat.

  16. Fly Spray: Horse fly sprays help repel flies, mosquitoes, and other insects to keep your horse comfortable and free from bites.

Having a well-stocked horse grooming kit ensures you can keep your horse clean, comfortable and healthy. Regular grooming is important for bonding with your horse and means you can proactively monitor the overall condition of your horse, including the presence of any injuries or skin issues.

What do you need for bathing a horse?

Bathing a horse requires specific equine-specific equipment and proper preparation to ensure a safe and effective cleaning process. Here's a list of items you'll need to bath a horse:

  1. Grooming Tools: Before bathing, thoroughly brush and remove any dirt, loose hair, and debris from your horse's coat using your standard horse grooming tools such as a curry comb, body brush and dandy brush.

  2. Halter and Lead Rope: A halter and lead rope are necessary to safely control and tie up your horse during bath time.

  3. Bucket or Hose: You can use a large rubber bucket or a hose with a suitable nozzle to wet your horse. Make sure the water is at a comfortable temperature. We love this Quick Wash Hose Attachment for bathing our horses.

  4. Horse Shampoo and Conditioner: Use speciality equine shampoo and conditioner to clean and condition the horse's coat. Avoid using human shampoo, as it may not be suitable for a horse's pH balance.

  5. Sponges or Scrubbing Tools: Soft sponges or scrubbing tools can help you apply and distribute shampoo while gently scrubbing the horse's coat.

  6. Tail Wrap or Bag: To protect the horse's tail from tangling, you can use a tail wrap or tail bag to secure and keep it out of the way during the bath.

  7. Fly Spray: Apply fly spray to your horse before and after the bath to help keep insects away.

  8. Sweat Scraper: A sweat scraper is used to remove excess water from the horse's coat after rinsing. Start from the neck and work your way down.

  9. Hoof Pick and Brush: Use a hoof pick and brush to clean the horse's hooves while bathing.

  10. Sunscreen: If your horse has sensitive or pink skin, consider applying equine sunscreen to protect against sunburn.

  11. Grooming Tote or Bucket: Keep all your bathing supplies organised in a grooming tote or bucket for easy access.

You can find all these bath time and horse care products in the Highfields Equestrian online tack shop.

What do you need to prepare your horse for a show?

Preparing a horse for a show involves a range of grooming and preparation techniques to make sure the horse looks its best. Proper preparation, attention to detail and the right show prep products will help you and your horse make a polished and professional appearance in the show ring. Here are the products and items you'll typically need for horse show preparation:

  1. Show Grooming Kit: A comprehensive show grooming kit includes brushes, combs, and tools for cleaning and polishing the horse's coat. This kit usually includes a curry comb, body brush, dandy brush, mane and tail comb or brush, hoof pick and sweat scraper. Use a grooming box to keep all your grooming and show prep supplies organised and easily accessible.

  2. Shampoo and Conditioner: Bath the horse using equine shampoo and conditioner to clean and condition the horse's coat. Highfields Equestrian stocks an extensive range of speciality shampoo and conditioner to achieve the ultimate show-ready look.

  3. Detangler or Shine Spray: To help manage and enhance the horse's mane and tail, use a detangler or shine spray to reduce knots and add shine.

  4. Hoof Dressing: Apply hoof dressing to the horse's hooves to give them a polished and healthy appearance.

  5. Clippers or Trimmers: Clippers or trimmers are essential for tidying up the horse's coat, particularly around the muzzle, eyes and ears.

  6. Show Sheen or Coat Polish: Coat polish products can be applied to the horse's coat to give it a glossy finish and minimise dust and dirt adherence.

  7. Braiding Supplies: If you plan to braid the horse's mane and tail, you'll need braiding bands, a mane comb and a mane pulling tool.

  8. Touch-Up Paint (for Grey Horses): Grey horses may benefit from touch-up paint to cover blemishes and stains.

  9. Show Halter and Lead Rope: A show halter and lead rope that are clean and in good condition are essential for presenting your horse in-hand.

  10. Tail Wrap or Bag: To protect the tail and keep it clean and straight, use a tail wrap or bag.

  11. Show Blanket or Pad: A clean and well-fitted show blanket or pad can enhance the horse's appearance under the saddle.

  12. Bridle and Bit: Make sure your horse's bridle and bit are clean, polished and in good condition.

For all your horse show and pony show essentials and grooming products, Highfields Equestrian is your one-stop online saddlery.

What do you need for hoof care?

Hoof care products are essential for maintaining the health and wellbeing of a horse's hooves. Regular maintenance and proper hoof care can help prevent issues like cracks, infections and lameness. Highfields Equestrian stocks all the essential hoof care products to keep your horse feeling comfortable and mobile. Here are some common hoof care products used by horse owners:

  1. Hoof Pick: A hoof pick is a basic tool for cleaning out dirt, stones and debris from the hooves. Regular cleaning helps prevent discomfort and potential injury.

  2. Hoof Brush: Used in conjunction with a hoof pick, a hoof brush helps remove loose dirt and debris from the hoof's surface.

  3. Hoof Cleaner: Hoof cleaner typically comes in liquid or gel form and contain ingredients that help soften, condition and disinfect the hooves.

  4. Hoof Oil or Conditioner: Hoof oil or conditioner is applied to the hooves to moisturise and maintain their health. It can help prevent hooves from becoming too dry and brittle.

  5. Hoof Dressing: Hoof dressing is often used to help keep the hooves from becoming too dry and can provide a glossy appearance for shows.

  6. Hoof Hardener: Hoof hardeners are applied to strengthen and harden the hooves to support soft hooves that are prone to cracking or chipping.

  7. Hoof Sealant: Hoof sealants are used to create a protective barrier on the hoof's surface, helping to prevent moisture from entering the hoof and causing damage.

  8. Thrush Treatment: Thrush is a common bacterial infection that can affect the frog of the hoof. Hoof thrush treatments can help clear up the infection.

  9. Hoof Boots: Hoof boots can protect a horse's hooves during trail rides or when riding on rough terrain. They offer additional support and cushioning.

  10. Hoof Boot Pads and Inserts: Some hoof boots come with interchangeable hoof pads or inserts that can provide additional cushioning and support for specific hoof conditions.

  11. Hoof Picks with Brushes: Some hoof picks come with integrated brushes, making it easier to clean the hooves thoroughly.

  12. Hoof Rasp and File: Farriers often use rasps and files to shape and trim the hooves. These tools should be used by trained professionals or under their guidance.

  13. Farrier's Tools: Farriers use a variety of specialised tools for trimming and shoeing horses, including nippers, hoof testers and clinchers.

Consulting with a qualified farrier or veterinarian is essential for addressing any specific hoof issues or concerns.


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