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Horse Covers & Horse Rugs

Explore our extensive range of top-quality horse covers and rugs for every season. Choose from summer rugs, mid-season rugs, winter rugs and dress rugs. We take pride in offering a carefully curated selection of both local and international brands, including WeatherBeeta, Zilco, Bucas and more.

Explore the best horse covers for every season

  • Summer & Bug Horse Covers: Keep your horse cool and comfortable while shielding from insects with our summer cover collection.

  • Spring & Autumn Horse Covers: Find a versatile horse cover to shelter your horse from the elements during the unpredictable spring and autumn months.

  • Winter Horse Covers: Ensure your horse stays comfy and content over the cooler months with our wide range of winter rugs.

  • Horse Show Rugs: Make a statement at your next competition with these exquisite show rugs.

What are horse covers?

Horse covers, also known as horse blankets or horse rugs, are protective coverings for horses. They serve various purposes, including protection from cold, rain, excessive sun exposure, insects and post-exercise cooling. Different horse cover types include turnout blankets, stable blankets, fly sheets, rain sheets and show covers, tailored for specific conditions and needs.

Why do horses need covers?

Horses may need covers, such as blankets or rugs, for several reasons:

  1. Protection from Weather: Horse covers provide insulation and protection from cold temperatures, rain, snow, wind and excessive sun. They help keep horses warm and dry during harsh weather conditions, preventing discomfort and health issues.

  2. Insect Protection: Fly sheets and other covers protect horses from insects like flies and mosquitoes, which can cause irritation and transmit diseases.

  3. Post-Exercise Cooling: Coolers are used to help horses cool down gradually after exercise or a bath, preventing rapid temperature changes and muscle strain.

  4. Skin and Coat Health: Some covers can help maintain the health of a horse's skin and coat by preventing excessive exposure to sun, wind and rain.

  5. Temperature Regulation: In mild or unpredictable weather, turnout sheets allow horses to regulate their body temperature without becoming overheated or chilled.

  6. Injury or Medical Care: Horses recovering from injuries or medical procedures may require specialised covers to protect wounds or surgical sites.

  7. Comfort and Wellbeing: Covers can contribute to a horse's overall comfort and wellbeing, reducing stress and improving their quality of life.

  8. Shows and Competitions: Show covers are used to enhance a horse's appearance and protect its coat during equestrian competitions, contributing to a polished and professional presentation.

The specific reasons a horse might need a cover depend on factors like climate, individual horse needs, and the horse's living conditions. Providing appropriate covers helps maintain the health and happiness of horses and can be an essential part of horse care, especially in regions with varying weather patterns.

What type of horse covers are available?

Horse covers are available in various types to suit different seasons and weather conditions. Here's a breakdown of the types of horse covers commonly used for different seasons:

  1. Winter Horse Covers:

    • Heavyweight Blankets: These thick, insulated blankets are designed for extremely cold weather. They provide maximum warmth and protection against snow, rain and strong winds.

    • Neck Covers: Many winter blankets come with detachable neck covers to provide additional warmth and protection for the horse's neck and mane.

    • Combo Blankets: These blankets have an attached neck cover, offering full-body protection against the cold.

  2. Autumn and Spring Horse Covers:

    • Medium-Weight Blankets: Suitable for transitional seasons, medium-weight blankets offer moderate insulation for cooler nights and milder weather conditions.

    • Turnout Sheets: These are waterproof and windproof sheets designed for rainy and breezy days. They provide protection without excessive warmth.

  3. Summer Horse Covers:

    • Fly Sheets: Lightweight and breathable, fly sheets protect horses from insects and sun while allowing air circulation. They are ideal for hot, sunny weather.

    • Coolers: After exercising or bathing, coolers help horses dry off and cool down. They are breathable and moisture-wicking.

  4. All-Season Horse Covers:

    • Turnout Blankets: Some turnout blankets are versatile enough to be used in multiple seasons. They offer insulation in winter and can be used in cool or rainy weather during other seasons.

    • Rain Sheets: These waterproof sheets are designed to keep horses dry during rain showers. They are lightweight and can be used year-round in wet climates.

  5. Exercise and Training Horse Covers:

    • Quarter Sheets: Used during cold weather exercise, these cover the horse's hindquarters and help maintain muscle warmth.

    • Exercise Sheets: Designed to be worn while riding, exercise sheets provide protection against the elements during workouts.

When choosing a horse cover, it's essential to consider the climate in your region, the specific needs of your horse and the current season. Horses often benefit from having a range of covers to adapt to changing weather conditions and maintain their comfort and health throughout the year.

How do you choose the right horse cover?

To choose the right horse cover:

  1. Consider the season and climate

  2. Assess your horse's age and needs

  3. Select the appropriate type and weight

  4. Check for waterproofing and breathability

  5. Evaluate any additional features

What are the best horse cover brands?

Determining the best horse cover brand depends on your specific needs and preferences. Highfields Equestrian offers several reputable horse cover brands that are widely known for producing top-quality covers. Here are some well-regarded horse cover brands to consider:

  1. WeatherBeeta: WeatherBeeta is a popular brand known for its extensive range of horse blankets and sheets. They offer a variety of options for different seasons and horse needs.

  2. Bucas: Bucas is known for its innovative designs and features, including blankets with stay-dry lining and thermal insulation.

  3. Saxon: Saxon offers budget-friendly horse covers with a variety of options for different weather conditions.

  4. Zilco: Zilco is a well-known equestrian brand that has good reputation for producing quality equestrian equipment, including horse covers and blankets.

When choosing a horse cover brand, consider your specific needs, budget and the climate in which your horse will be using the cover. Additionally, seeking recommendations from the Highfields Equestrian team (who are also horse owners) can help you make an informed decision based on your horse's comfort and protection requirements.


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