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Horse Gear 

Welcome to Highfields Equestrian, New Zealand's one-stop online shop for horse gear and horse tack from the best local and international brands. We take great pride in bringing you a thoughtfully curated range of horse gear designed to ensure the comfort, safety and performance of both the horse and the rider.

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  • Horse Gear: Horse covers, saddles, halters, bridles – we've got it all. Find functional  and high quality horse gear to suit all budgets.

  • Horse Tack: Discover precision-crafted bits, reins, stirrups and more. Our tack ensures safety and performance for both horse and rider.

What is horse gear?

Horse gear refers to the various equine equipment, accessories and equestrian supplies used in horse riding, training and care. It encompasses a wide range of equipment designed to ensure the comfort, safety and performance of both the horse and the rider. Horse gear includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. Horse Tack: This includes saddles, bridles, bits, reins, girths and stirrups, which are essential for riding and controlling the horse.

  2. Horse Riding Apparel: Clothing items such as riding helmets, riding boots, gloves, socks, breeches, jodhpurs and riding jackets designed to provide comfort and protection to the rider.

  3. Protective Gear: Safety equipment like riding helmets, body protectors and safety vests that are crucial for reducing the risk of injury during horseback riding.

  4. Horse Grooming Tools: Brushes, combs, hoof picks and grooming kits used to maintain the horse's coat, mane, tail and overall hygiene.

  5. Horse Stable Equipment: Items such as halters, lead ropes, feeders, water buckets, and stall mats used for the horse's care and management in the stable or barn.

  6. Horse Covers: Horse blankets, sheets, fly masks, and tail guards designed to protect the horse from weather conditions, insects and other environmental factors.

  7. Horse Training Aids: Various training aids, such as lunging equipment, training reins and training surcingles, used to aid in the horse's training and development.

  8. Horse Treats and Supplements: Nutritional supplements and treats designed to support the horse's health and well-being.

  9. Trail Riding Gear: Equipment specific to trail riding, including saddlebags, trail riding helmets and trail riding saddles.

  10. Show and Competition Gear: Specialised equipment for horse shows and competitions, such as show saddles, show bridles and show attire for riders.

  11. Horse Health Products: First aid supplies, wound care products, and grooming products to maintain the horse's health and hygiene.

Horse gear is essential for maintaining the health and performance of horses and ensuring the safety and comfort of riders. The choice of gear depends on factors such as the type of riding discipline, the horse's needs, and the preferences of the rider. Properly fitting and well-maintained gear are crucial for the overall well-being of both horse and rider.

What are the best horse gear brands?

Determining the best horse gear brand depends on the specific equipment and your individual needs and preferences. Highfields Equestrian offers an extensive range of reputable local and international horse gear brands known for producing high-quality equestrian equipment. Here are some well-regarded horse gear brands:

  1. WeatherBeeta: WeatherBeeta is a popular brand for horse blankets and sheets, offering a variety of options for different seasons and climates.

  2. Bucas: Bucas offers a range of horse blankets and sheets, known for their innovative designs, including stay-dry lining and thermal insulation.

  3. Zilco: Zilco is a reputable and well-regarded brand in the equestrian industry, known for its high-quality equestrian equipment and horse gear.

How do I choose the right horse gear?

To choose the right horse gear:

  1. Determine your riding discipline and skill level

  2. Consider your horse's needs and goals

  3. Prioritise safety with helmets and vests

  4. Ensure a comfortable saddle and bridle

  5. Select properly fitted tack and protective wear

  6. Choose appropriate riding apparel

  7. Invest in grooming tools and stable equipment

  8. Tailor horse blankets to your climate

  9. Seek expert advice if you need support with your selection

Choosing the right horse gear involves careful consideration of your needs, your horse's needs, safety, comfort and functionality.

Talk to the team at Highfields Equestrian to help with your selection - they'll take into consideration your unique riding goals and preferences while keeping the well-being of both you and your horse in mind.

How do I order horse gear online?

Ordering horse gear online is easy:

  1. Choose a reputable retailer - Highfields Equestrian has a trusted online tack shop with NZ wide delivery and a retail store in New Plymouth, Taranaki.

  2. Browse and select your horse gear

  3. Add items to your cart

  4. Review and proceed to checkout

  5. Enter shipping and payment information - Highfields Equestrian offers a diverse range of payment options, including debit or credit card, bank deposit and Afterpay.

  6. Review and confirm your order


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