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Calm Healthy Horses Xtra Cal

Calm Healthy Horses


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Xtra Cal A blend of organic calcium with essential co-factors (magnesium, boron, phosphorous and Vit D) to ensure efficient absorption.

Additional calcium is required for:

  • Pregnant mares to build the skeleton (and other tissues) of the unborn foal
  • Lactating mares especially until the foal is about 3 months old.
    • Young foals take virtually all their nutrition from their mother's milk.
    • For instance if Mum doesn't receive enough calcium from her diet then it is dragged out of her bones to supply the needs of the growing foal.
    • This is detrimental to her long term health and means the foal may not get all he requires to be strong and healthy
  • Horses that are working hard suffer a lot of 'wear and tear' and can lose calcium in their sweat
  • Oxalates present in certain grasses, (especially kikuyu in New Zealand) bind up the calcium making it unavailable to the horse.
    • The organic calcium in Xtra Cal is already bound so cannot be bound by oxalates and is therefore available to the horse.
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